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Getting Started
Novices, get your feet wet on this page of simple tips. Below is a brief sampling of what you will find on each Green Living page. LMG Apple
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7 Simple Ways to Make Your Everyday Life Greener

  • Getting Started: Choose one or two topics that interest you and begin with the tips that seem the easiest (or the most important).
  • GardenGreen: Use non-toxic sprays (vinegar or hot water for weeds; soapy water for insect pests) instead of pesticides.
  • Bath & Body: Read ingredient labels on personal care products; avoid those containing parabens or phthalates. Avoid antibacterials.
  • Conscious Kitchen: Microwave in glass or ceramic containers; do not use plastic. Choose organic dairy products and produce.
  • Healthy Home: Look for electronics, furniture, mattresses, and children's sleepwear without PBDEs or other chemical flame retardants.
  • Children: Opt for natural toys made from wood, cloth, paper. Avoid vinyl.
  • Pets: Reach for ice melt containing CMA (calcium magnesium acetate) or coated urea (such as Safe Paw or PetSafe) instead of chloride salts.
  • Green Cleaning: Choose products labeled "Caution" - avoid those labeled "Warning," "Danger," or "Poison"
  • Pest Patrol: Avoid DEET and permethrin in mosquito sprays and insect repellant apparel; eucalyptus oil and soy oil are effective and non-toxic.

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  • Environmental Working Group has easy to use tools and resources for helping consumers to learn more about everyday products and food.
  • Healthystuff.org Look up children’s products, toys, pet products, cars, apparel & accessories for toxic ingredients.


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